Value Added Services

Dual Screen Scenario

This can be set up with a dual screen PC. On the left screen you can have a list of vehicles with addresses, marked client locations and current speeds. The screen on the right will then show the vehicles on a live tracking map (e.g. vehicles dotted all around Nelspruit) which can be switched from a normal to hybrid map view if required to see vehicles in rural areas with unmarked roads.

Live Alerts

Additionally we can set up an email address and speakers on a computer. Emails will be received and you have to hit a keyboard key before the alert sound stops. Monitor alerts such as battery disconnect, speed violations as they occur (e.g. 100km/h in a 80 km/h zone) and entry and exit alarms from a dedicated area.

Automated Email Reports

Reports can be emailed at predetermined times:

  • Trip report – see all vehicles trips to and from marked clients and standoff points
  • Speed Reports – All speed violations with the speed exceeded by and the address are summarized per vehicle.
  • Custom Usage – A ‘Shift Report “ that shows the first departure time (time the vehicles departed from their shift change base) and last arrival time (how early they came back to the office or shift change base and were not at their standoff points , loitering at the office etc. before going home).

SOS panic and two-way mobile communications

Intellidrive supplies communication devices with integrated physical panic buttons. An sms and email will be sent from the Intellidrive server to the supervisor or manager stating the panic, the registration or reaction vehicle number e.g. R10 (that the device has been named as) and the coordinates when the panic was pressed together with a Google link. Clicking on this link allows the manager to open it on his smartphone and navigate directly to the incident. Full functionality, real time live tracking is done together with automated reports.

Control Room Software Integration

Intellidrive has also integrated with QtWatch Alarm Monitoring Software. Using the tracking device in your vehicle the program will assist the Control Room Operators to dispatch the closest vehicle to an alarm or panic activation and send a Google link to a device such as a low-cost tablet in the vehicle with the address. See the actual real time that a reaction vehicle actually stood off. You can now post reaction officers in areas they are not familiar with especially on farms and plots.


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