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Online Management and the Internet of Things

Intellidrive™ offers full online management of individual and fleet vehicles. In order to deliver a reliable offering to customers, the need to accommodate access to the online tracking and management portal using almost any interconnected device, whether a Desktop computer, Laptop Computer, Smartphone or Tablet is paramount.

Intellidrive™ customers can be assured that the necessary steps are taken to ensure high availability of the online management portal, together with a secure connection allowing for maximum uptime and a superior user experience.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Managing assets with Intellidrive™ is made easy with access to our online portal, but when the unforeseen happens, Intellidrive™ is equally well equipped to ensure the recovery of a stolen vehicle or asset. Utilising a network of recovery agencies and agents across Southern Africa ensures peace of mind for our customers when an emergency arises.

We have one of the first SAIDSA approved (for Asset Recovery ) Control Centres in the country. This insurance approved “stamp of approval “ means that you are dealing with a capable credible tracking service provider – one of the reasons that Intellidrive is fast becoming a number one choice for Tracking, Fleet Management and Recovery.

At the Intellidrive state of the art independent control room, trained professional operators are monitoring alert signals and calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Following a stringent business continuity process which includes UPS power and backup generator, the control room is always secured and in full force operation. Tamper alerts received by the control room, are responded to in real time. All signals and calls are logged and kept on record, as to ensure a proper trail of events. In case of vehicle theft, the operator on duty will dispatch either ground- or air- recovery teams, depending on the circumstances of the reported theft and the type of recovery package chosen. We make use of Rentrak and law enforcement entities to assist in the recovery of stolen assets.

Customization and customer specific solutions

Intellidrive™ prides itself in listening to the specific needs and requirements of customers. Intellidrive™ engages with it’s customers in an effort to understand their industry and other unique requirements to ensure a “ fit for purpose “ solution is delivered.

Intellidrive™’s team of in-house software developers and engineers gives them a competitive advantage in that customers gets the solution that they want in the shortest possible timeframe. We welcome any questions related to our products and services; please click here to get in touch with Intellidrive™.

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