The Intellidrive™ Difference



You go to a website and login using your username and password. Each user has their own login. Every action taken by a user is recorded – full audit trail. Installer has to travel to the client and install software, map settings and load vehicles. Only audit trail is that there is record of the IP address of the particular computer that was used. Most proprietary software is incompatible with iOS (Apple) and mobile OS platforms (i.e. Android, BlackBerry etc.).
A new vehicle and its particulars are loaded onto the server by the installer who links it to the particular company or client.  This is ideal for a company with various branches country-wide. When a new vehicle is added, every laptop/PC must be worked on to load the vehicle.  This is a problem when there are various branches - even in the same city.
Any user can be deactivated from accessing the login on on receipt of a written request such as when a staff member is dismissed. It is not required to change the tracking unit in the vehicle. Clients allow employees to use their own PC/Laptop.  If an employee leaves the company, he will still have the software on his PC/Laptop and will have access to the vehicles movements.  The tracking units must be changed in the vehicles.
Reports can be emailed any period at a predetermined time every day, i.e. every morning you can receive the trip history of your vehicles for the last 24 hours. No automated reports – you will require your PC/Laptop to look at the trips and positions of your vehicles for the previous day. This is inefficient and an added administrative workload for the owner or fleet manager.
Trips are saved on the server and can be downloaded at any time. Trips are also saved in your email inbox. Trips are saved on your hard disk.  If your PC/Laptop is damaged, stolen, the trip history is lost.
Locations are synced.  Any locations marked by the manager of a client will appear on the PC/Laptop / Tablet / Phone of the client.  This prevents unnecessary correspondence when enquiring about the vehicles positions.

User hierarchy ensures that limited features can be made available in order to safeguard critical additions made by higher authorised users.
Locations are not synchronized. Every PC user must mark their own locations, and common locations must be added manually multiple times.
All settings are done on the server and reports are processed against these settings.  The reports will be the same on different computers of the same client. The settings, stop times, street names, etc. are set up per individual computer.  This will result in different computers/managers of a client having different reports detail. This creates conflicting statements and jeopardises the integrity of information presented as part of internal hearings, CCMA and Court Proceedings.
Marked locations will always show the Marked name followed by the physical address. Marked locations receive a name followed by no street address – this can lead to a “false and /or fraudulent location” marked by a user.
Automated reports can be sent daily/weekly/monthly for tax purposes. If a client doesn’t download the trip, the data may be lost and this will have an impact on tax logs.
Client can see on a daily basis if trips have been recorded and processed or if there is fault with their unit. This means minimal data disruption. If the PC/Laptop breaks, the reports are lost.  If the unit is faulty, the trips will also be lost. If you only download vehicle data once a month – major catastrophe.

Distinct advantages of Intellidrive™ online management and vehicle tracking

  • Available 24/7 365 from almost any internet connected device
  • Real-time consistent information for all users
  • Easy to use and understandable GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Superior user experience and lightning fast response when working online
  • One online platform, multiple devices, single user friendly interface
  • Report automation customised to the needs of each customer
  • Advanced online capability to geo-fence and mark high risk locations for early warning
  • Improved stolen vehicle recovery capabilities with real-time online tracking
  • Hassle free use without the need to install software and various other components
  • Unsurpassed reliability and near real time monitoring of assets using the online Live Track feature.