Introduction to Intellidrive™

Intellidrive™ is a dynamic new player in the field of fleet management and vehicle recovery.

Whilst Intellidrive puts focus on Fleet Management and automated reports we will never forget that our core client base is situated in the Sub-Saharan African market where vehicle theft is amongst the highest in the world. Great effort is put into reducing the physical size of our units, the effective installation and concealment of units and the development of the national team of recovery agents and agencies. 

For customers this translates to an exceptional product , service and user experience that is :

  • User-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Lightning fast and
  • Highly accurate

Intellidrive™ provides a solution to suit all your tracking and fleet management needs. All products are stringently tested and VSS accreditation body approval has been obtained. VSS accredited systems are accepted by most major insurance companies. 

With the easy to use Intellidrive™ web based interface there is no more:

  • Uploading of antiquated application software onto your PC / Laptop
  • Invasive and time consuming on-site software installations
  • Third party software requirements
  • Minimum client computer hardware prerequisites
  • Software clashes with application updates and internet browser changes

By combining class leading technology and online capabilities with an extensive network of distributors, recovery agents and agencies, customers can rest assured that Intellidrive™ puts the customer, its operations and assets first.